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ProPlan - Production Planning Software

ProPlan is a process-planning simulator. The product is an extremely powerful, yet user-friendly application that facilitates the optimization and planning of plant operations. An economic analysis together with flexible planning of products and or capacities may be conducted for the complete plant.

The software utilizes a user-friendly graphical user-interface. ProPlan simulates plant operations by performing block-by-block calculations to determine all streams (e.g. feedstock, naphtha, oils, and blended products) flowing between the various units of the plant (e.g. splitter, crude unit, FCC). The simulator uses non-linear equations to predict yields, product properties, and the consumption of utilities. When Optimizer is set to be ON, the profitability is maximized employing a powerful NLP and LP solver that determines the optimum operating conditions and allocation of components to finished products, subject to user-specified quality concerns.

ProPlan Features


Graphical User-Interface. A clean graphical user-interface assists plant modeling. The interface provides a convenient directory tree and means to develop flowsheets, enter data and constraints, and review the results of the simulation. The input forms are structured so that data for crude assay, streams, all blocks, and utilities may be intuitively entered.

Crude Assay Database. The flowsheet is integrated with the HPI crude assay database as well as any other commercially available database through the OPC link of ProPlan. The HPI Assay Library presents crude oil assay data for 243 assays from around the world. HPI Consultants developed the database from assays supplied by a variety of sources including national oil companies, public and private oil companies as well as from assays published in the technical literature.

Feed Properties and Crude assay integration

User friendly. ProPlan requires a short learning curve. Other conveniences include a relatively low cost investment, concise, browser-friendly block-by-block reports, stream and property profiles, and a complete online user manual.

Unit Operation Equation Editor

Blend Optimizer. Powerful feed and product blend optimizer to optimize the feedstocks as well as the products to meet the constraints and maximize the profitability of the plant.

Blend Optimizer



ProPlan Applications

Production Planning: Versatile tool for Production planning operations. Helps evaluate changing feedstock and profitability of different products to be in tune with ever changing requirements of the process industry.

Feasibility reports and Configurations: Ideal for conducting feasibility analysis and reports for existing or new plants/units. Various configurations can be quickly and accurately tested using the easily customizable software to determine the feasibility and ideal configuration of the plant.

Revamp Studies: Determine whether a revamp would be economical and profitable and will also suggest which revamp would be ideal for that plant. The user can easily add a new proposed unit & determine the feasibility of that unit within the existing configuration

Optimization: Suggest the ideal ranges of operation of the existing units in a plant limited only by operating feasibility. Based on the chosen ranges ProPlan will carry out profit optimization for the entire complex.

Impact of Proprietary technology: Demonstrate the economic impact of a technology developed or an improvement in existing technology or operation.

Training and Learning
: Promote better understanding within the organization about the impact of various units in the plant and highlight the economics and interaction of various units in the plant.